Family Survival System Review: Can It Really Help To Keep Your Family Safe?

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The Family Survival System is basically a system that has been put in place to prepare the modern family for just about any type of disaster that might befall them. According to the founder of this package, it was put together because he doesn’t believe that the U.S. government is doing enough to prepare its citizens for disasters. He cites incidents such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina as examples where the government failed to do enough either before or during the event to ensure the citizens were safe.

What Do You Get?Family Survival System

Basically, this type of kit is one that he believes every family should have in their household and it aims at ensuring a family will remain as comfortable as possible when cut off from outside assistance for anywhere between 1 week and 3 months. In the event that help never arrives, there’s enough information available that will assist a family in supporting themselves for the foreseeable future.

The contents within the package are separated into various categories that include; defining different disasters; how to fortify your home; how to find sustainable food; storing water; making hot food without gas or power; first aid; gun selection and maintenance; stockpiling resources and scavenging, among others. The guide is pretty thorough and deals with just about every scenario, leaving room for adjustments of course, since no disaster is exactly the same.

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The Author

One of the reasons that make you sit up and pay attention to the video is the fact that the author has served the U.S. in the military and he is an expert in both rural and in urban survival. He not only spends time hunting, but he is also a naturalist, and so when it comes to taking advice about the great outdoors, I’d most likely turn to him if I were camping or otherwise trying to survive outside. He doesn’t just have a textbook knowledge of what it is like to survive out in the wild; he’s become quite accustomed at doing it, so his advice is very practical and hands on.

Family Survival System ReviewedPutting the System to Use

You don’t have to experience a disaster to figure out whether the guide really works or not; practical concerns are easily met with very effective answers when it comes to the Family Survival System, particularly in those situations that you can imagine you’d be most concerned about. I for one imagine it being difficult to obtain resources during a disaster, particularly one such as a Hurricane, but according to the guide, about 90% of what you need to get your hands on is most likely in your home; you can look for the remaining 10% along the way.

One of the things that this guide made me do was take stock of what I owned and imagine how I could use everything to my advantage during various disasters, and this alone has, in my mind, better prepared me for these situations. I already have a good idea about where I’d take shelter, which parts of my property might pose the biggest risk and which items I’d take with me in the event that I had one small bag to pack and survive with for months on end.

Another concern I had is that the guide is filled with suggestions about purchasing costly survival gear, but he makes it easy by suggesting ordinary items that are just laying about your home. What the guide does is inspire you to think outside of the box, and isn’t this really what surviving outside in the wild is all about? Using everything that you have available to your advantage?

What I Didn’t Like

At first one of the things I was concerned about was that the guide was a complex field guide that would have better served a military personnel instead of a marketing manager, but luckily, my fears were unfounded. Of course, you need to pay attention as you’re going through the guide, otherwise you won’t be any more equipped than you were before, but the tips are simple, straightforward and just about anyone can master them in minutes.

Another issue I had was that the guide required everyone in the home to follow it, otherwise in the event that a disaster struck, they might not know how to react. Mastering the guide on your own is possible, but if you’re investing in it to keep your family safe, shouldn’t they be making the same commitment?

There wasn’t really much that I didn’t like about the guide; in the end, it might bring up images of gloom and doom that no one really likes to think about, but if it better prepares you for a disaster, surely this is a good thing, rather than something to shy away from?


The cost of the Family Survival System is $47, but with the 20 percent discount that is available, you can get it down to $37. I thought that the price was fair, considering there was a lot to the package. If the guide didn’t have much to it, I might not have considered spending that amount, but it was one of those buys that I was quite impressed with in the end just because of how much I got out of it.

The Verdict

$37 was, at least to me, a very good price for a quality guide. The guide provides a comprehensive overview of basic survival skills that can help families in accomplishing everything from cleaning water to finding and storing food, and to my knowledge, there isn’t as high a quality guide on the market at the moment. When you’re looking to prepare to survive a disaster, the last thing you’ll want is to have to go through your collection of encyclopedias just to find out the basic skills that the human race lost centuries ago in order to survive. I would definitely recommend the Family Survival System to anyone who’s interested in these skills and wants to put a sound measure in place to prepare for just about any type of disaster.